Why Alchemy Worldwide

Our aim

We aim to create the context in which people can exercise free choice and participate fully in their experience of living. It is about participation and contribution which leads to a world that works for everyone.

Our Approach

We create transformative learning experiences for people. By that we mean a deeper form of learning that occurs when we change deeply embedded beliefs about ourselves, about others, and about our environment. This enables individuals to visualise and access a greater range of choices and personal resources. We have a specific approach that has been developed and fine-tuned across 4 decades of experience in our field, working with thousands of people in over 40 countries.

We believe that every human being has their own unique learning journey. Every team is made up of distinct individuals and every organisation has its own team culture and composition. So we place a lot of importance on listening to the specific context of every brief we take and tailoring an alchemic blend of a solution to achieve the outcomes you seek.

Our client relationships are precious; we dedicate unswerving care and attention to them. We value openness and trust and want our clients to feel great about the partnership we develop with them; to enjoy the experiences we create for them, and to enjoy the experience of working with us.  Many of our clients come back to us time and again as they and their teams grow, develop and flourish.

Alchemy sets the stage for a different kind of learning

We provide a context, or framework, for a learning journey.

Whilst rigorous and robust (founded upon years of validated research in the way human beings learn and change), the framework is flexible and adaptable. In our learning events, you must expect the unexpected!

Our starting point is the day to day reality of the individual, team or organisation. No one start point is ever the same. It’s personal. It’s your life.  Your journey, experience, preferences and beliefs are totally unique to you.

It’s immersive. If we’re going to help you get a better understanding of how you are, how you could be, you’re not going to find that in a text book, or tablet. Participants get to ‘try on’ new beliefs, attitudes and actions. Transformative learning is arrived through felt experience.

It’s compressive. Through the TRANSFORM8© approach people raise powerful questions about themselves or their organisation; challenging their assumptions and beliefs, their world view. The key to unlocking the life you want is usually found in the collision between the old and the new ways of experiencing it, coming face-to-face with the point where you get in your own way … here and now … unpredictable and unexpected.

It puts the power to achieve change in the hands of the learner. You don’t pass a test or tick a box when you leave the event. You take away a different experience of what’s possible, an array of new choices, and the power to take personal responsibility for acting on them. Each is unique to each individual.