What is Alchemy Worldwide’s brand personality?

The Alchemy brand personality is a combination of energy, vibrancy, curiosity and a zest for living. Immersed in the enormous possibility of what exists, what is real in the moment, and what could exist. The brand personality covers the spectrum of human existence, it is concerned with how we evolve as a species, from our first steps to our last breath. It is concerned with how, as individuals, we equip ourselves with the personal knowledge and awareness that provides insight into the actions that each one of us needs to take to ensure that we live in alignment with our deepest values and capability.

Alchemy as a brand is a synthesis of components, experiences, activities … all of which blend together in rich and different ways to produce outcomes that are as unique as each individual. Curiosity, creativity, deep reflection, life learning and dialogue sit at its core, with a generosity and genuine care for others.

Alchemists are the direct product of people living in the fullness and richness of their own human experience. In doing so, they infuse others and the world with their ability to courageously and positively embrace life itself.

What’s in a name?

We chose Alchemy as a name for the business because it’s a magical blend of limitless possibilities for each person to interpret and choose their life in the way that enables them to thrive.

Why do customers and clients choose to work with the Alchemy team?

Alchemy brings something which is distinctly human. We move beyond the role, the description, the capability and the competencies to a place where the expression of the uniqueness of each individual becomes the template upon which change is fostered. Alchemy is diverse and intelligent; robustly questioning the validity of our own approach as well as the fit of many others. We move beyond dogma and habit and the belief that models can describe the human experience. We move to a place where what is needed exists within the individual and the organisation itself. Working with Alchemy is a process and experience of discovery, of realisation that the very answers sought exist within the fabric and the DNA of the people already present. They are there waiting to be discovered.

Alchemy is founded on a core desire to contribute … to recognise that many organisations have a separate and equally valid view of the world in which we live and work. Contribution and generosity sit at the very centre of our way of being. We choose not to see a world of competition and competitors, but to focus on the higher journey of collective experience and positively embracing life. Within this space competition falls away and opens up a landscape that is both profound and magical … a world of collective wisdom.

Our mission

Enabling the people that we meet to create their own context to thrive in their experience of living.

Alchemy Worldwide was founded in 2016 by Keith Jones and Tessa Sharp.

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