Transformative Facilitation seminars

For leaders and learning professionals

We’ve created the opportunity for professionals to learn how to apply our unique facilitation model, TRANSFORM8©, to their own professional practice. Our Transformative Facilitation Seminars are a precious opportunity to explore, experiment, reflect and step beyond the edge of your practice to find what lies beyond.

2-day introduction

An introduction to a new type of facilitation for experienced professionals - experience and practice Transformative Facilitation and the philosophy and method of TRANSFORM8©.
Are you ready to extend your range and step to the edge of your practice?

5-day Practitioner Seminar

A deeper immersive retreat seminar, which will extensively explore and practice the tools and techniques of TRANSFORM8© to enable leaders and practitioners to unlock the potential for learning for their own learners and clients.
Are you ready to be a TRANSFORM© practitioner?

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